Bergischer Weg – hiking around Germany’s most populous region

As you might have seen on twitter, we have recently been hiking three stages of the „Bergischer Weg“, a trail leading from Essen to Königswinter on 260 km in 14 stages. As it is starting in one of the biggest cities in the region, passes Wuppertal and Solingen, leads along not far from Düsseldorf and Cologne until it ends in Königswinter, just on the opposite Rhine River shore of Bonn, Germany’s former capital. That proximity to the metropolises of the region make it a perfect getaway, not only for locals, but also for travelers in the region. It’s a perfect trail to take a break from big city and everyday life.


Bergischer Weg in orange, map from

The name “Bergischer Weg” does not translate to “Mountainous Trail” as some people think, but it originates from the Duchy of Berg that has existed here from 12th to 19th century, even if the region is locally also known for its hills. Nonetheless the trail is not too challenging, even if you pass Schloss Burg, which has once been the capital of the Duchy of Berg, up on its hilltop. It is a trail for everybody, there’s no special training needed and it’s fun and relaxing to walk through the forest and farmland.


Foto: Uwe Völkner/Fotoagentur FOX

We have started with the our first stage at the Baldeneysee in Essen and walked on to the center of the city of Velbert from where we went home again. A good thing is, that there are trails leading from nearby towns and train stations to the main trail so that you are never far away from public transport and can rely on getting back home without a car parking somewhere. As our first stage was only about 16 km long we decided to go back onto the trail the next weekend.

In really hot weather we walked 21 km from Velbert Neviges train station to Wuppertal Vohwinkel. Even it was around 30°C that day, the trail was great to walk. Not too many hills, some cooler walks through the forest and walking along the Düssel, the river that gave Düsseldorf its name, made the temperatures bearable.


Foto: Uwe Völkner/Fotoagentur FOX

We had two great hikes on the “Bergischer Weg” and will definitely walk some more stages from time to time, our goal is to in the end have it hiked from start to finish, the complete 260 km. Let’s see how long this will take.


App used: MeeRun Pro Android

We can totally recommend a hike on that trail, no matter if on occasional basis, only one stage or the whole train in a long tour. It is definitely worth it, enjoying the beauty of the Bergisches Land region in neighborhood to the metropolises of Rhineland and Ruhr Area.

If you need any further information, you can find all that under , where you can also find information on the other trail in the region, the “Bergischer Panoramasteig” and several day walks in the region. If you don’t want to buy the hiking maps, you can also use their apps from Android and iOS (“Bergisches Wanderland”), where you can find specific information and maps from your smartphone.

If you want to buy a hiking map of the trail, you can find them in many online bookstores or under


How to get to the “Bergischer Weg”?

There are several options to get here. From within Germany you can go by train or bus, at the starting point in Essen you find good connections to anywhere in Germany, as well as from Bonn, which is located next to the destination of the trail: Königswinter. Along the trail Wuppertal, Solingen and Cologne (for Bergisch Gladbach) can be the gateway to hike here, as they are traffic hubs for domestic traffic. You can compare fares and schedules on for example.

To get around by public transport and buy tickets through your smartphone you can use the apps “DB Navigator”, “VRR App- Fahrplanauskunft” and “VRS Auskunft”.

If you are coming in from farther away, you can use the three nearby airports in Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn or Dortmund to access the region. From within Europe a lot of different airlines fly to those airports, the airlines with most flights here are Eurowings (to all three), Air Berlin/Niki (to Düsseldorf and Cologne), Ryanair (to Cologne and Dortmund) and Wizzair (to Cologne and Dortmund). Besides that there are several non-stop intercontinental flight to Düsseldorf on Air Berlin (e. g. Boston, Cancun, Fort Myers, Havana, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco), Germania (Tel Aviv, Beirut) and Lufthansa (Newark) and to Cologne on Eurowings (e. g. Bangkok, Havana, Miami, Orlando, Windhoek, Cape Town, Las Vegas and Seattle). Düsseldorf is also a destination for many international Airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, ANA, Delta Airlines and Air China. or can help you to compare flight prices and schedules.

Along the trail there are several accommodations, you can find most of the under, or you use metasearchers such as to look for hotels.


Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some useful information.

You can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( ) and Instagram ( ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are traveling.

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