Are you still writing postcards?

As we are always sending postcards to friends while we are traveling, we have been asking us if postcards are a relict from the past or not.

We noticed that we are sending out a couple of postcards from every trip we do, the number depends on how long we are traveling but there’s almost no trip we are not sending a postcard home to our friends from. But aside from that most people we know are not sending postcards anymore.

For sure there are many ways to share your pictures and write a message back home than there were like 20 years ago, most people are now using a smartphone and post pictures to their social media networks or just send their friends a message through an instant messaging service. There are even services that offer you to send your own picture by postcard through an app.

Anyways we are relying on the old fashioned way of writing a personal postcard, no matter if it takes days or weeks for the cards to arrive (sometimes they are even never delivered), but to us this is still the most personal way and everyone who receives a card is always happy about it while receiving a short message on your phone is nothing special for most of us. Beside that a postcard is something consistend you normally keep somewhere, an instand message or a picture sent from your phone will soon be missing in a chat history.

Are you still writing postcards when on vacation? Fells free to post a comment below or drop us an e-mail to to tell us about it.

Nonetheless in the next days we will post an article about apps we like to use to keep in touch with friends while travelling and give you some tips on how to use them. Until then: happy reading, blogging and traveling!

Hendrik & Jardena

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